Are You Ready to Get Unstuck, Stop Going Round in Circles, and Grow a Business and Life You Love?

If so, join the....

Smash Your Own Ceiling Academy!


For Ambitious Female Service Based Business Owners, who know Enough is Enough, are More than ready to Surprise Themselves, and Grow a Business and Life they Love.

Let me tell you a not so well kept secret...I know only too well what it's like to feel stuck. To feel like you're going one step forwards and one back, and to see other people getting the results you really want, but you just can't make it happen for yourself. 

To know you've got the skills, knowledge and experience, but somehow you've become the world's best kept secret....

and to have that whisper, that feeling in the pit of your stomach  that's telling you that you're here for more, and to put yourself out there, but you're holding yourself back and you secretly know it.

If you're saying yes to're in the right place, my friend.

This was me too, and now I'm on a mission to help Amazing Business Women just like you, to say YES to that whisper, to step into their power and to Smash Their Own Ceiling.

Are you with me??

Let me help you to...

  • Get Clarity and Clear the Brain Fog - Over thinking just takes up so much energy doesn't it?! Whirring thoughts and ideas round and round in your head not knowing which way to go. This is where we start, and honestly, you'll feel like someone has turned the lights on and as a result you'll be lazer focused! No more, trying all the things and hoping they'll work for you and going round in circles...with clarity comes freedom!! Are you ready to know exactly what you want and what you need to do to get there?
  • Get Your 'House' in Order - You know when you get the urge to de-clutter your wardrobe and everything feels great when you've finished? This is what we're doing here... Together we'll get right back to basics so you're totally happy with your packages, your prices and who you're serving. We'll also look at what you want from your business. What success actually looks like (Yes, having time to have a lunch date in the middle of the day without feeling guilty is totally possible) and how to create that for you. 
  • Stand in Your Power - Whether that’s making your own decisions, being comfortable selling or showing up on social media, you’ll not only massively grow your confidence, and your self belief, but you'll learn to trust yourself and to run your business your way. Mindset is everything when it comes to business, so let's prime it for success so you can finally stop holding yourself back.
  • Get Clients – Together we’ll look at what success looks like in your business and we’ll create the right strategy for you. Creative ideas, and seeing a clear path to get there are my super powers so we’ll brainstorm ideas AND I’ll also teach you the tried and tested ways I’ve used personally to get results FAST! 
Let’s face it…Life’s just too short to be second guessing yourself, going round in circles and trying all the things hoping 
they’ll work for you.

Why wait?

Now is the time to achieve your full potential, to remember who you are, and grow the business and life you really want.

The Smash Your Own Ceiling Academy recognises that YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS – so why not focus on BOTH??!!

Places on this programme are limited, however if you’re an ambitious business owner and you’re ready to take action to achieve the success that you’ve been dreaming about this is the programme for you!

5 things you’ll get from The Smash Your Own Ceiling Academy

  • Training – Lifetime access to a GROWING members area covering topics from Mindset; Productivity; Marketing and much more…
  • Mentoring – With the 1-1 strategy session, and the weekly mentoring calls you’ll get all of your questions answered, and all the support you need to succeed
  • Community – A community of fellow business owners all on a similar journey there supporting you every step of the way who will quickly become your business besties.
  • Accountability – Or to put it another way ‘Barbara in your back pocket!’ By using our unique ‘Success Roadmap’ system you’ll know exactly where you’re heading and what you need to do. 
  • Guest Experts – The best industry experts pop in on a regular basis to train you on their specialist topics.

“I know only too well what it’s like to feel stuck, or that you’re going round in circles in your business and nothing seems to be working. When you know you’re more than capable and you have the skills and experience, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to make it happen. That’s why I’m on a mission to help ambitious business owners like you to re-discover your power, and build a business and a life you love.”

Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn...

As soon as you join we’ll have a 1-1 call to get you the clarity you need in your business and identify what’s getting in your way, and then together we’ll create your Success Roadmap – the strategy that will get you to where you want to be. So many members have said this was GOLD as all of a sudden it was like the lights had been switched on and they knew exactly where they were going. No more second guessing…instead, pure clarity!

Mindset is the foundation of everything we do. As Henry Ford said “If we think we can’t, or we think we can…we’re right!”
So alongside working on your business, you’ll also be working on your confidence, and mindset so you’re no longer getting in your own way, second guessing yourself or holding yourself back.

How you spend your time is Paramount to your business success, so you’ll learn… How to plan your week so it feels like you’ve put your productivity on steroids, how to side step blocks like procrastinating, and how to focus on the things that will really move the needle in your business so you get results fast!

MARKETING – You’ll learn how to market your business so not only are you attracting your ideal clients, and growing your audience, but you’re doing it in a way that works for you AND your business. No more struggling with being inconsistent, ‘hiding’ or trying all the things and hoping they’ll work, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts to get the results you want. 

This is for you if...

  • You've been in business for at least 6 months
  • You feel stuck where you are right now, and are struggling to find the clarity to move forwards
  • You know that you're more than capable, and you see other people getting the results you want, but you just can't seem to make it happen for yourself
  • ​You feel like you're constantly going round in circles, taking one step forwards and one back.
  • ​You find yourself trying all the things, but nothing seems to work
  • ​You can't seem to 'put yourself out there'
  • ​You feel like you've lost confidence, and really want it back so you can move onwards and upwards

However, this is not for you if...

  • You're just looking for a quick fix
  • ​You're not willing to be coached
  • You're not ready to show up and do the work 
  • You're happy with where you are
  • ​You can't invest right now

What's Included:

  • Clarity and Strategy Call  -  A 1 hour 1-1 call with me to outline your strategy for the next 6 months and get super clear on what you want to achieve and what’s holding you back.
  • Intimate and Private Community - Running a business can be incredibly lonely and sometimes you just need a friend who totally understands to speak to. This is the power of our amazing community, all working on a similar journey. I like to keep numbers limited so everyone gets the attention they need.
  • Structured Week - I know from personal experience how easy it is to go off track and lose direction. That’s why we have a super simple (and very quick) way of structuring the week so we stay lazer focused.
  • Lifetime Access to the Smash Your Own Ceiling Members Area  - Holding yourself accountable can be really tricky, so this is where I come in. I’ll be there supporting you every step of the way, so you’re always achieving what you need to. 
  • Guest Coaches - Are you ready to learn from the very best? Every month we get a guest Coach to come in and share their super power with you.
For an investment of £3497 
(Payment Plan available of £582 per month over 6 months)

About Barbara

As a Success Coach and Business Mentor, Barbara helps Business Owners, get unstuck, improve their mindset, grow their confidence and maximise their productivity so they can have the business and life they really love.

After 20+ years in the People Development arena and helping hundreds of people achieve their potential, Barbara kept seeing amazing people holding themselves back and getting in the way of their own success.

As someone who has been there and worn the T-shirt when it comes to improving her own mindset, she’s now on a mission to help amazing people bust through their comfort zones, prime their mindsets for success and really step into their own power so they can achieve their goals.

After all life’s just too short to play small!

With a style that has been described as ‘Down to Earth’ ‘Fun’ and ‘Approachable’ – like ‘chatting to your friend but getting amazing results at the same time’ Barbara focuses on helping you get the results you want, in a way that’s right for you.

Barbara is also a speaker, the author of The Boss Hat, and has been featured in Addicted2Success,Thrive Global and the BBC.
What if you could get unstuck right now, and start getting the results you want this month?

This could absolutely happen...

Don't Just Take My Word For It:

Francesca Aproskie - Zumbamates

Hazel Ponsford - Trusted VA

Ellen Spry - Norwex

Clair Merrall - Tropic Skincare Ambassador

“This programme has helped in more ways than I can ever explain…this programme and Barbara have completely changed my perspective. It’s impacted on my work, my home, my family and my health and all for the better! You get so much support, Barbara is always on hand and cheering me from the side lines. I understand me a lot better and I’ve “found” my confidence again!  
Give it a try…trust in Barbara and the programme and this will change your life!” 
“I cannot recommend this fantastic lady enough! I’d lost sight of how to get where I wanted to go and Barbara knew exactly how to hone in on what was needed. I feel more empowered than ever to be able to achieve my goals. Thank you Barbara for your time, support and being so on the ball!” (Helen) 
“Barbara is a genuine powerhouse! She has been a key part of my support system for my latest launch and has made sure I’ve stayed on track and remained focused. She’s been by my side every step of the way and it’s been incredible” (Jo Sweeney)

Questions that I'm answering right now in 
The Smash Your Own Ceiling Academy

I've gone from hardly any clients to being fully booked - how do I create an on-line course?

I need a team to help me out...where do I start?

I've created my packages, can we chat them over, Barbara, as I'm not sure how to price them?

How do I create my content so I'm not always posting as I go?

How do I structure my day so I get the headspace and freedom I want?

Barbara – I want to try meditating…where do I start?

I really struggle with saying no and end up taking on too much, any ideas on how to crack this? 

Doing Facebook Lives terrifies me, what can I do to get over this? 

I always back out of saying my prices in a sales call and end up offering them a discount for no reason….help!!